4 Ways To Boost Contrast In Your Web Design

4 Ways To Boost Contrast In Your Web Design

When most of people hear the word contrast, they think of color or color combination. Even though the principles of contrast are not limited to color, it can go a long way in helping the users differentiate page elements from one another.
It’s a given that almost all the web designs have a header, a content area, and a footer. These are three completely different areas that should have clear visual separation. Applying contrast in background color is an excellent way to achieve this.

If you have got engaged with the design project? Here is everything you are looking for. To put in easy words, it can be said that the contrast is all about the difference in visual properties, which make an object distinguishable. Obviously, it is different from other objects and the backgrounds in order to make easy to identify it.

The subject of contrast is considered reserved for the beginners. In addition, it is not all about black and white, but it is more than it. Most of the beginners’ always think that the term of contrast belongs to only color, but actually, it also associated with the size, shape and physical changes the text as well. To give a mind-blowing impact, it is essential to pay attention over the size, shape and color.

let us start with the color contrasting. It is one of the most common examples to present in web design. You must be careful at the time of choosing the color since if two colors are differing from each other they hold a high contrast. On the other hand, if they pretty much similar then they have low contrast.




The next one is all about the shape contrast in web design Service. In this term if you wish someone to notice some thing mentioned on the page. In addition, it is required that the physical shape of that text must be different from other which make it unique. If we talk about the basic level of this then you may add rounded corners to buttons to make it unique. Using this way helps a lot to attract the wide attention of others. If it is taken to the extreme level, it lifts up the weight. It can be used at the header, as it is the easiest way to draw the shape contrast.


Now let us come to the next point, which is size contrast. More over, the size holds importance. For example, if you wish to emphasize something, then you may take something big beside something small. Doing this indicates that bigger item is far more important. It is all about the size matter. To draw attention it is required to use the size contrast. This method works excellently to draw attention immediately. If you wish to force the reader to pay attention on something you have mentioned on the page, then the size contrast of that text must be different from other text on the same page.

POSITIONAL(ALIGNMENT) CONTRAST – Now, let’s jump down to the next element called positional contrast. It is a kind of very neat way to create a hierarchy of element purely using different alignments. These days it has become very popular. In addition, it is being used on a large scale. Perfect alignment plays a big part in creating a quality web design. Things look better when they line up. This is why I ever think using different alignments to create contrast is tricky and should be used sparingly. However, when done perfectly it can be very effective in creating separation.

Cni Solution uses a large left margin on the content blocks below each heading. Along with the large size of the headings, this creates a good amount of contrast in Web design. If you are thinking to use this kind of difference in alignment, be sure and make it a big difference. Otherwise, it will end looking like a mistake of poor Web design.

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