E-Commerce Misconceptions that Refuse to Die

There has been a surge in the number of E-Commerce websites making rounds on the Internet these days. We can see a lot of people planning to have their own E-Commerce website store. But there are plenty of misconceptions that refuse to die even now. Usually disguised as “startup”, most of these startups are forgiven at later stage of life as common mistakes. Therefore, today, we are going to discuss a few myths brought from the world of E-commerce that refuse to die:

E-Commerce Misconceptions:

E Commerce is easy but you do not need to have any business experience to succeed online. All you need is luck and designed site!

Are you tired of doing a job or planning to start up an ecommerce business just because you are tired of the rat race,  if that is the basis of getting an E-commerce website development then you are on the wrong side. If that is so easy to think then why did not you tried to start a physical store in itself? What is different in conducting online business or rather ask- How can you term online business easier than the physical business.

A basic fundamental misconception – online business is easy.

You can get the customers online easily and the sales will zoom as soon as you have launched the website

People assume that “Build a website and customers will start coming.” This is the fundamental mantra of many ecommerce dreamers. Somehow, as you process towards the release, the dreams trash up and the buildup starts to appear skewed. The truth is that you need to work hard to get sales online and it is somehow very  much similar to that of the real world sales. Most of the successful ecommerce store have market strategies, marketing offers and messages for their customers and put great offers in real. Getting digital does not means getting or taking it easy.

E-commerce produces great profits to the owners.

This is what most of the people have perception about eCommerce stores. An owner sets some unrealistic expectations and their notions of online market world are warped mildly. Hundreds of the small and large business owners have their filmy ideas of getting rich with getting their own online stores. They believe that once they have gone viral, they can sell their business to a big corp. and become a millionaire. That is a long way to go!

Real world expertise and experience go handy with the online world

One of the common fatal flaws of eCommerce world is overconfidence stemming out from the real world experience. Even if you are the most experienced business person of the world, you still need to cover up a steep curve of learning to take your business online. The behavior of your customer changes as they go online and their expectations increase. They started getting anonymous and you need to drive the business through analysis, statistics and numbers. Even more, you will get confused with bounce rate, funnels, conversions and unique visitors.

Running an E-commerce store is much cheaper

This lame thought is fuelled by the web designing agencies that advertise and are ready to design ecommerce websites at dirt cheap or throw away prices. Remember and understand that ecommerce stores are more than just a shopping cart or a catalog. It is a journey and a process to improve the customer experience. Instead of cost, count it as an investment. Sooner or later, you will realize the truth that it is not so cheap

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